"Small Changes Can Make a World of Difference to People with a Disability."

What's an Access Audit? (Disability Discrimination Act Audit or Disabled Access Audit (DDA audit)

An Access Audit is ideal for a business wanting to improve its disability access.

As a result of the Access Audit, as a business you may need to only make a few inexpensive changes but without an Access Audit you may not know what changes need to be made and why as well as being confident your Equality Act compliant.

Why do it?

As a business, 

You are making your business/service accessible and available to a wider audience, who have spending power and repeat business. It also shows you're a business with a heart that cares about all its customer's needs. This also highlights consideration for customers' needs and out-of-the-box thinking to meet these needs. 

As a customer,

I strongly believe if customers were made aware of premises accessibility and any ‘reasonable’ adjustments that are available, this would enable them to be fully informed prior to the visit. As a result, this would get rid of/minimize the anxiety experience while making it possible for wheelchair users/ those with mobility needs/ those with service dogs to live life independently without having to be reliant on other people

My Audit

Within my audit I will look at the physical premises of a business and the environment in which it is situated along with the customer service received by someone with access needs. I can also integrate the legal obligations of businesses for allowing assistance/service dogs and how best to accommodate them.


Along with what businesses can expect from a working dog in terms of behaviour within premises. I also look at customer service regarding service dogs (although I prefer to do this secret shopper style to get a true reflection of service received)


Following my assessment, I can produce Access Audit report which can be printed or emailed, the report can then be made on the accessibility of a premises,  environment or services as experienced by a disabled person with a service dog. From this I'm happy to provide suggestions or advise on how improvements can be made.


Access Audit Costs & Access Inclusion Equality Services

I'm North Hampshire UK based.

I’m offering this as a free service as I'm looking to broaden my portfolio and knowledge/experience (access audits can cost a business between £3000 and £7000) as I’m happy to advise to improve accessibility for all. As I'm a qualified auditor I can produce an audit report giving recommendations and suggestions.

I welcome all businesses who think I may be able to help them look at the access to their property and/or service dog training for staff. Please see my blog of where I've already assessed.

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