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The Click Studios Richmond

We went here for a friend's photo shoot. The staff were really friendly and helpful and tried their best to be accommodating.

However when I booked with Buyagift I specifically asked for a wheelchair accessible studio and they confirmed it was.

On arrival there was no parking whatsoever except street parking. There was a slight step on entrance with a very narrow doorway (my manual wheelchair fit just but a power chair wouldn't) we then went through to hair and makeup, the room was so small they had to remove the makeup chair to accommodate the wheelchair.

There were 2 of us and we had hair and makeup done 1 after another wasn't a massive issue for us but maybe for a large group.

The photoshoot was good but when we were to go to the viewing area we physically couldn't get into the room due to an extremely small corridor and doorway. The staff were really helpful and found an alternative route but even then I could only just fit, someone in a bigger chair wouldn't cope. There wasn't an accessible toilet.
There wasn't a shop nearby or anything so we couldn't grab something to eat except a local pub.

I can't fault the staff for help but the building isn't wheelchair accessible like Buyagift claim

Activity Superstore

So after our experience with Buyagift I decided to contact other experience company about whether they have someone who checks the accessibility of the experience.i know this is hugely important to alot of people prior to buying an experience and would be highly influential in a competitive market. In the competitive market place I think businesses who support this as being ethical/moral.
Below is the reply received from activity superstore

The Derby Inn, Hook

We went here for lunch today, although I’ve visited previously and sat outside (review below), we decided to sit inside to give a full rounded review.

We were initially met with a slight step, less than kerb height which was do-able in a manual wheelchair, but the doorways were narrow which may be problematic for a powerchair.

On first look I couldn’t see an accessible toilet, but when my carer went to the ladies, she noticed a large accessible toilet.

There was no problem bringing my assistance dog into the restaurant. The only drawback we found it only has 1 disabled bay which could easily be blocked in if you have inconsiderate customers. This will also cause big problems if you have a rear loading vehicle with a ramp. There are 2 nondisabled bays at plenty of on street parking.



It has a large, grassed garden which is fairly even but has randomly placed uneven paving slabs which will be very difficult for wheelchair users or those with mobility needs. This then leads to a ramped decking area which except the step to get onto the ramp it is level decking.

Unfortunately, you have to go inside for menus or to order, there are 2 ways to get inside 1 is a stepped entrance and the other is a considerable distance for anyone with  mobility needs to get to  the bar. However there maybe staff available in between serving others but this can’t be guaranteed.


If they wish to contact me, I have some suggestions for reasonable adjustments.


The Harvester Basingstoke The Stag and Hounds

I went to Basingstoke harvester and to enter there is a large heavy push door to  which you cannot manoeuvre on your own.

When inside it is level entry and accessible with a radar key accessible toilet. On the face of it very accessible physically however the attitude of some staff needs improvement.  My initial server was great,   spoke to me about my order etc however this changed when my server changed, the lady was patronizing and didn't speak to me directly.  She spoke solely to my carer about my order (despite the carer blanking her on my request)

She then brought her boss over as they overcharged me. The way she spoke to me was like a 5year old. Her whole tone was patronizing and unhelpful. She wasn't willing to correct the over charged bill despite me showing her the price stated on the menu.
Not happy I won't be returning
Accessibility is not just physical access its about customer service and experience

To every review I like to give the business the right to reply 

Red Lion - Odiham

We visited here for lunch and were greeted by steps at the front door then we saw an accessible entrance sign with an arrow which we followed and found a ramped entrance that was a good length meaning the gradient wasn't to bad.

When inside the initial corridor was narrow but we managed to get a manual wheelchair through. When seated the food and staff were lovely. They have an accessible toilet as pictured

Toby Carvery Frimley 

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