My Reviews (June/July 2023)

The Prince Of Wales,  Fleet (Review 2)

Visited here for lunch but sat inside so as to give a more rounded review.

The staff were very friendly and help. There is a small step on entrance but this is less than a kerb. there is ramped access into the bar. There was no problem bringing my dog into the restaurant as they advertise as being dog friendly. staff offered to get her treats and water. we noticed an accessible toilet near where we were sat, this is a large toilet with a RADAR key lock (staff have a key available if needed.

Café Baristas Hartley Wintney (review 2)

Today I went to cafe baristas on my own with my assistance dog. This may not sound big news but for me it's huge. 

Previously they had told me to ring the number on the sign and someone will come out and take my order as I'm unable to get through the door. I decided to try this, and the lady quickly answered the phone and came out to take my order.  When placing my order, I asked for a mug instead of a cup as I struggle with the small handles. She asked if I wanted the tea made in the cup instead of in a pot, so I don't have to pour it? 

I agreed and she soon returned with my tea in a mug. Unfortunately, due to not being able to get in there isn’t an accessible toilet. 

I take this as a reasonable adjustment that they will come out and serve on request.

Tesco Express Hartley Wintney 

*update * 

So I had a good meeting yesterday at the store with 3 managers who bought listened And were receptive to my complaints from a disability perspective but I also noted other complaints people have mentioned on the Hartley Wintney Village Facebook group. 

The solutions discussed were:

  • - ordering less stock so aisles are not cluttered with unpacked stock 
  • -metal trolleys used to carry the products are unpacked then put away out the back 
  • -any rubbish generated by the post office/ shop floor is put out the back 

I did mention the aisle size and unfortunately although they have admitted its tight due to the amount, they need to stock there's little they can do

I asked about the store being closed randomly during the day and she said this is a last resort. I then ask about whether a time frame could be added to the handwritten note so customers know the time closed at least and she said she will look into this. 

I will continue working with them


I was recently told 'how could I say a pub was wheelchair accessible if it doesn’t have an accessible toilet?' well the term wheelchair accessible is defined as: 

"a method by which someone can enter or leave a place in a wheelchair:"

So the fact the premises could be access the premises e.g. get into the pub, was enough for it to be wheelchair accessible. Merely by highlighting there isn't an accessible toilet I'm making individuals aware of this in order to fully inform individuals. With this knowledge they can determine the suitability based upon personal needs.


The Phoenix Inn, Hartley Wintney (2nd review) 

We had a lovely lunch here, this time we tried inside to give a more rounded review not just outside (see previous post)

I'll admit I was anxious about access for inside having already seen the entrance (pic1) but when asked if there was an accessible entrance the side door was opened (pic2). we were sat in the bar as although some of the restaurant is level entry it is very small/tight in the restaurant, so the bar was more comfortable for a wheelchair user.

Unfortunately, there is no accessible toilet and the only toilets are cubicles (pic3) accessed via steps( pic4). Although this wasn't an issue for me it may be an issue for some.

Having my assistance dog in the bar wasn't an issue as there were other dogs in the bar but I'm unsure about taking her in the restaurant.

The Old White Hart, Hook

Visited here and the weekend. Nice pub with friendly helpful locals.
However we were shocked to find they don't have any disabled parking bays, yet they have multiple electric car charging points. There is a rather sizable step on entrance with swing doors which can’t be done independently but the locals offered help but I'm unsure if this would always be the case.
The internal could use a revamp but helpful staff. Didn't witness the toilet but no problem with assistance dog in the bar

Sainsbury's,  Hook

Visited the new Sainsbury’s in Hook and I must say well done to them. 

The aisles are lovely and wide so you can easily get a wheelchair down them along with other customers present. They have wheelchair trolleys which clip to the front of a wheelchair unlike other stores where you have to physically hold the trolley in front which causes serious arm ache after a while. They have motorised scooters with baskets in front if you can transfer. The staff are very helpful and even offered to go to the other side of the store to get an item I'd forgotten. 

No problem taking my assistance dog in. However there is no café or clothing which was disappointing


Cuppies and Cream,  Hartley Wintney

Went here for afternoon tea. Lovely café/cake shop which I've visited many times before. Helpful staff and they serve decaf tea (always a winner)

There is a large step in/out the main door which although I managed in my big power chair but unsure if a manual wheelchair would manage without assistance. Side door entrance is level entry, but you have to go to the till to order which can only be accessed independently via steps. They have 1 accessible table via the main entrance which we reserved but this may not always be available. The shop is set on 3 levels the 2nd and 3rd each have large steps leading to them which are not negotiable for wheelchair users. 

They have toilets on site however I'm unable to comment on toilet accessibility. They are dog friendly, even have a dog photo wall and serve puppacino.

*update from Cuppies and Cream *

Thank you, our customer toilet is, an accessible one an is used by many wheelchair users. We'd also come to the tables to take orders if you wanted to sit in the middle level and use the side door.

Operating from a listed building does have its limitations, but we do tr

Prince of Wales, Fleet (1st review)

Visited here at the weekend. Nice little pub with a good atmosphere. Although we sat outside so I didn't witness inside the pub. I could see a ramped entrance from the garden into the pub allowing an accessible entrance into the pub for ordering. As we sat outside, I didn't experience the toilets but they were able more than welcoming with my assistance dog although I'm unsure what it'd be like in the pub.

The only slight aspect that could be improved upon is better signage for disabled parking and entrance and leaving empty umbrella bases under tables makes it impossible for wheelchair users to use a table and very difficult to move. 

Cat Brant Photography

So today I had an amazing flower photo shoot, and I loved it! It was so empowering and got to show the sexy side of disability and wheelchairs. Definitely recommend. 

From a disability perspective the garden studio has a wide door way suitable for a wheelchair. There is a slight step to get in but only kerb height and the photographer is happy to provide ramps on request if needed. The photographer seemed happy to help however she could

Tesco Express Hartley Wintney *update *

Further to my review regarding tesco express Hartley Wintney I am arranging a meeting John Cruickshank the Retail Director for the area to discuss my review and hopefully make Improvements 

Tesco Express Hartley Wintney (1st review)

Well I said I'd never just give a negative review without constructive criticism by I honestly don't know what to say. The shop itself it way to cluttered from products not being put away, empty packets or abandoned empty metal trolleys which makes it inaccessible for anybody with mobility needs, considering this is meant to be a local convenience store.

Staff would rather watch you struggle to move one of there abandoned metal shelving than offer any help.
The aisles are so tiny you can't turn a wheelchair round and you have to go in single file down an aisle. There new shelving is appalling its floor to ceiling black shelving making the aisles extremely claustrophobic.
I've visited multiple prior to the new shelving being put in and on different occasions shop staff addressed whoever I’m with in a confrontational manner stating "we don't accept dogs" despite her wearing clearly identified garments to show she is a working dog
Along with this the shop is randomly closed for large amounts of time during the day and weekend 

 Cafe Baristas Hartley Wintney (review 1)

I went to cafe baristas today and want to say thank you to the lady who works there who helped us move are table so me and my dog weren't sat in the sun. They also have a dog water bowl, but you may have to ask for it, but they seemed happy to help. 

Although you can't get inside cafe barrister due to stepped access, narrow doorways and a 90 degree turn on entrance door they are more than happy to serve you on the outside tables. 

But you have to go inside to order and pay which cannot be done due to access issues stated above. I recently contacted them regarding this, and they informed me that if I phone the number shown on the sign at the front of the shop and let them know I'm there someone will come out and serve me. Which I felt was a solution, but those less confident mobile phone users may struggle. 

Auriol Wines,Hartley Wintney highstreet

Popped into the new wine bar today to check out the access and I have to say they were really friendly and helpful. They've obviously thought about access as although there is a slight step, they have a portaramp they are happy to help you with. No problem bringing my assistance dog into the premises.

Recommend if you like cheese or wine!